Design your own personalised map from any city in the world.

Bring back your great memories with a minimalist impression of the city where you lived them.

Choose one of our designs and personalise it to your preferences.

classic cambridge white blue framed map

Classic Series

It is our most elegant design that fits in any room, whether to decorate your home or to give to a special person. You can choose from various designs and personalise the text, making it a gift that will leave a lasting impression on the recipients.

Country Road Series

An exclusive design for countries and regions. Have you ever wondered what a country would look like if we only look at its roads?
You can add the cities of your choice and we will point them out to make it completely personalised.

50x70 frame mockup template@2x 3
frame map centuripe brick

Brick Series

The decorative map of the Brick series only shows the buildings of the city. All these buildings together form and give us to understand the whole framework of the city, its streets, its squares, in short, if you know the city, you will surely know how to interpret this pile of coloured dots.

Get inspired by some of our designs

hand holding poster country road croatia

High definition file, ready to print
The maps designed in Mywonderfulmap can be chosen in PDF format, this way you will receive directly in your email a high quality digital file to print it as many times as you want.

Unique design
Each map is personalised by you, both texts and colours can be modified, so that each design is unique and exclusive.

The perfect gift
Out of gift ideas? One of our maps may be the perfect solution and will surely hit the spot.

Do you want this New York design for free?

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You will receive this map in high resolution in PDF format so you can print it as many times as you want.

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Quality design

We design your map as you indicate, we prepare the digital file in PDF ready to take it to your printer and print a high quality design. If you chose an already printed map, it will arrive perfectly packaged in a tube or rigid cardboard envelope.

Pay securely

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Made with Love

At mywonderfulmap we like to design maps and give them colour, but above all we like each of these designs to be unique and personalised to your taste. Our personalised maps are a perfect gift for family and friends.
We started creating maps of Spanish cities, but little by little our shop is being filled with more and more maps of cities from all over the world. And, of course, if you want a personalised map of any city in particular, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make it for you.

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